Young Nantwich Players take on Orwell classic

Nantwich Players are preparing to stage their next exciting youth production Animal Farm.

The classic George Orwell story being brought to life by the Nantwich Players Youth Theatre, tells of the dangers of fascism and cult following, under the guise of animals revolting against their owner.

It’s such a complicated issue told in such simple terms and is increasingly more relevant for the current political situation around the world.

Manor Farm lies in the heart of the English Countryside.

After a boar named Old Major tells the animals of his vision for a Utopian farm, they revolt against their owner Mr Jones, take control of the farm and create a new society in which all Animals Are equal.

The Pigs are first to take charge, but as each of them vie for power, the society becomes corrupted and the animals are led into a dark and brutal existence, in which some animals are more equal than others.

Production directors Kirsty Tew and Tom Morley said: “It’s a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated bunch of young people.

“The audience should expect to see an exciting, gritty performance that explores revolution and social structure.

“There’s lots of choral work involved and because the group dynamics are so good, it makes it easy to direct.”

Animal Farm will run from the 21st to the 24th of March including a Saturday matinee.

Tickets, priced at £9.00, will be on sale from Tuesday 27th of February at Nantwich Tourist Office.

Telephone bookings: 01270 600727 or on-line at


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