Nantwch Players take on ‘troubles’ darma

Bold Girls Poster press release

Nantwich Players are to perform an exhilarating and poignant drama set in Belfast during the ‘troubles’.

Against an off-stage backdrop of burning buses, ravaged blocks and gunfire, Bold Girls is a stirring play about three women whose men have been killed or imprisoned for their political activities.

Chilling themes are offset by humorous and heartwarming moments in this play about people not politics.

The Bold Girls – Marie, Cassie and Nora – have had to adapt to life without their men who have been killed or imprisoned because of their political activities.

They each find escapism in carefully constructed domesticated lives which are seemingly immune to the danger of the world outside.

Director Don Hirst said: “Whilst this play is set in Belfast in the 90s it could be anytime and anywhere.

“The family challenge to just keep going, the girls’ nights out, the frustration and the fun of everyday life is a story that everyone can relate to.

“The background may be different but this is a play about people – we’ve all met them and have maybe even been them.”

Performances run from May 6 to 13 at 7.45pm. Tickets are £8 from 01270 600727.

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